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    Item No. RPG016

    BOOK - "A GUIDE TO COLLECTING THE HEADGEAR OF THE 1914 GERMAN ARMY - HELMETS, TSCHAKOS, TSCHAPKAS AND BUSBIES". SOFT BACK SPIRAL BOUND for easy use(no spine to break). A very detailed study on the details and variations of these helemets - great color plates and charts. It will keep you from making a mistake on piece of headgear over some small detail One copy left .


    Item No. RPG017

    BOOK - "THE RESERVE/LANDWHER KREUZ OF THE IMPERIAL GERMAN ARMY" SOFT BACK SPIRAL BOUND for easy use(no spine to break). A very detailed study of the various crosses and wappen used on helmets an caps. - great color plates. Only a few copies left.


    Item No. RPG135

    CARDS- REPRO PICTURE POST CARDS, GERMAN. I selected 6 nice black & white patriotic, seasonal, and religious post cards from my collection and had them reproduced for use. You will enjoy the scenes: Uhlan soldiers in the morning mist, wife/sweetheart saying a prayer for her departing soldier at a roadside altar, Christmas 1917 scene with angel, trees, and 3 soldiers in a dugout scene, a 1914-1915 Christmas greeting post card, a beautiful siege of Riems card, and a patriotic card w/Prussian eagle and the palace rose garden. Set of SIX. Nice period cards that can be used today for correspondence.


    Item No. RPG137

    MANUAL- REPRINT of Delhomme's "GERMAN GRENADES of the GREAT WAR" with ENGLISH TRANSLATION. In 1989 GWM purchased all rights to this book from Mr.Delhomme. BY REQUEST, we have reprinted it in folded booklet format to provide the information it contains to the collector. Limited printing of 500. Can wholsale some of these (10 or more) for $12.50 each.


    Item No. RPG138

    BOOK- GERMAN INDIVIDUAL SHOOTING, as issued to each sioldier, blank, ready to fill out. Limited stock.


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