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    Item No. RPG006

    LACE- (braid/tresse), NCO, bullion wartime subdued silver (they went from a 5/8" gold to about 1/2" Gold in 1910, then to dull silver in 1914). New made from original WWI pattern, priced per INCH, a perfect copy. Just tell us the total length needed for your tunic. The 1910 was around entire cuff and collar; Transitional - around entire collar and about 2" strips on cuff; M1915 - collar points and small 2" strip on each cuff).


    Item No. RPG008

    PIPS- (RANK) for German officer shoulder boards, in SILVER (Mounted - Uhlan, field artillery, Dragoon, etc) or GILT (Dismounted - infantry, foot artillery, pioneers, telegrapher, etc), new made. Can be painted brown or grey for M1915 regs (wartime subdued boards and insignia) although they used unpainted pips throughout the war. These may vary in size from the photo, depending on what we can get - but all are correct for WWI use. Priced per PAIR.


    Item No. RPG011

    DISKS - COLLAR, RANK, PAIR, in solid brass: ...(A) Prussian Sgt; ...(B) Prussian Corporal(Gefreiter); ...(C) Saxon Sgt.; ...(D) Saxon Corporal(Gefreiter). Will make BAVARIAN as soon as I find a good L & R set to copy. I tumbled them to a smooth bright finish, can be polished more if desired. We can paint them gray (M15 helmet trim color) for you if needed for Sept 1915 Regs & Transitional tunics, or you can paint them the color you desire. Use a primer first so the paint sticks, then clear coat them. Colors varied from a various shades of green (pea green to M15 green) and brown(light to dark).


    Item No. RPG064



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