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    NOTE:  If you are visiting this NEW site for the first time
    please read all info below about searching.

    (1) Search like you use ON OUR OLD WEB SITE  by country / category / original or repro and view ALL in that category. Use this for browsing categories if not sure what you want / looking for new items.

    (2) Go to the"Search" bar located on the left side of the website to search using a single word. Example : If type in "Helmet", you will get ALL listings that have the word "Helmet" in it , this is a broad search and is very time consuming, Please use "ADVANCED SEARCH" for specific items.

    (3) HOW TO USE ADVANCED SEARCH  To get all German helmets go to Advanced Search. type in helmet- (Thats helmet dash) then click on "phrase", then choose the category  German, Original, Headgear. And click search. This will pull up ALL Original German Helmets. If you only want German Steel helmets, in search box type in helmet- steel,  that's (helmet- dash space steel). Do the rest of the steps as before. This will pull up ONLY German steel helmets. If you want JUST US Holsters, choose Advanced Search, then type in holster-  (again that's holster dash), click on "phrase", choose US, Original, Weapon category and click search.

    NOTE:  The shopping cart simply sends me an email with a list of items you wish to either purchase / inquire if still available / need photos of / need additional photos. Along with your shipping / card info (in "Message" section if you wish to). If you have a card/ shipping info on file with us, simply put "info on file" in the "comments" block. If you do not have card info on file with us I will send you an email back stating "Yes" all items are still available, or "Some are available, listing them. After you get this email, you can send me an email back with card info, or call in card info 717-264-6834  9am-4pm Eastern time zone M-F.

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