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    Item No. RPU100

    MANUAL- REPRINT OF "Notes on Uniforms and Insignia- FRENCH/BELGIUM/BRITISH/GERMAN", by popular request!! Published by the War Office for the soldier going to France, 1917. Shows all insignia w/plates, SB, 30 pgs.


    Item No. RPU101

    MANUAL- REPRINT, "Description of the Automatic Pistol, Calibre .45, Model of 1911", with rules for management, memoranda of trajectory, and description of Ammunition, w/six plates, April 1,1912, Revised Feb 14, 1914. Printed 1917.


    Item No. RPU102

    PAYBOOKS- US WWI, Reproduction COMPLETE WITH ENVELOPE(envelope non-assembled, easy to glue up); (B) ENVELOPES ONLY -$1.50. NOTE: ALL envelopes are non-assembled.


    Item No. RPU103

    CARDS- 10 different ones, Post card size, WWI vintage "GIRLIE", all "R" rated (Nude or Semi-nude, paintings or real time photos). A set of 10 cards copied from ORIGINALS from the old collection. One of the Russian cards was autographed by the "lady" on the front, and on the back in Russian it says "quick jump" (her STAGE name ?).


    Item No. RPU105

    MANUAL- REPRINT, "Regulations for the Uniform of the United States Army", 1912, 55 pages, SB.


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