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    Item No. RPU002

    CHINSTRAP- w/REPRO sliding loop, natural brown leather, for use on US Garrison caps, British & German caps - ANY cap that has side button type CS mounts. NEW made, about 9/16" wide (WWI varied from 1/2 to 9/16). We had many requests for these so we made a small lot - only 5 left at this printing. End of Stock.


    Item No. RPUHELM

    HELMET- M1917, ORIGINAL WWI British/US helmet shells REBUILT and painted OD with NEW liners made especially for GWM. The originals are now in usually too bad a condition to wear, plus you do not want to trash a nice original helmet (they now bring about the same price if in UNISSUED condition, so SAVE your originals). Our liners are special made by one of our fellow collectors and he will not sell liners, in fact, he will only rebuild helmets for GWM since he does not want to "go into business". He has a hard time keeping up with our needs. We usually have some helmets in stock. Liners will fit about anyone up to about 7-1/2 (if stretched as worn). We offer give $20 credit if you turn in a good solid, reusable shell when buying a helmet.


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