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    Item No. RPU001

    SHOES, REPRO WWI 1917 ankle boot (WITHOUT HOBNAILS) which the US made in 1917 copied after the M1917 French hobnailed shoe. ALL STOCK are "E" width made in any even size (will actually be about 1/2 size bigger - 8 will be 8-1/2). These are heavy duty construction with rough-out brown leather exterior with heel irons made special for GWM made in Chambersburg, Pa. and will last a lifetime. SEE RPU012 for HOBNAILED version. Check for stok.


    Item No. RPU012

    SHOES, REPRO M1917 (WITH HOBNAILS) with correct French style hobnails as used on the original French & all US M1917 & 1918 shoes. The hobnails WILL eventually come out from rough use - same problem as in WWI. Original shoes showing use are always missing hobnails - it is the nature of the beast if used hard in the trenches (expected life span was 3 months in the trenches). Photo shows original 1917 shoe on top, our 1917 repro on the bottom. Will hobnail our RPU001 stock if needed. Have 1 size 11 ready to ship. Our supplier cannot keep up with the unhobbed stock - takes about a week to hobnail a pair.


    Item No. RPU034

    TIE, WWI - Black silk/cotton blend "Pershing", repro copied from an original. These were worn with the shirt (hence the miniature officer emblems and EM shirts w/holes for collar disks) when only the shirt was used as the uniform of the day. Most vets that I talked with wore theirs at least once in France. It is part of the uniform regulation codes.


    Item No. RPUSTICK

    STICKMAN- Use stickman when ordering REPRO uniform items, such as tunics, breeches, overcoats, hats, caps etc. NOTE - OUR APPROXIMATE DELIVERY TIME IS NOW 2 TO 4 WEEKS. Click on "view more" then click on "Stickman" to make the photo larger. After it is large "Right Mouse click", choose "Save image as" save it to a floppy, or your "C" drive downloads as "Stickman". Print it out and using a soft tape measure fill in the requested measurements. When ordering uniform items, we will need the information from stickman. Simply email us stating "The following measurements are based on your "Stickman" . A=.....; B=.....; C=..... etc. NOTE: on orders with side/back hooks, we need 2 lengths: Nape of neck to where you want the side/back hooks placed and nape of neck to bottom of tunic for overall length you desire.

    Item No. RPUWRAPS



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