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    Item No. RPG004

    KOKARDES- OFFICER two piece metallic, for officer caps. We add the wool center to make them correct for WWI. We stock National (black/silver/red wool center) and Prussian (black/silver/black wool center). You can make any state kokarde by simply painting these and adding the correct colored wool for the center.


    Item No. RPG009

    CHINSTRAPS - SPIKED & STEEL HELMETS with M91 keyed posts: We carry the basic THREE types used in WWI: ...(A) BLACK LEATHER w/BRASS Hardware; ...(B) BLACK LEATHER w/unpainted steel hardware (M1915 & M16 helmets); ...(C) BROWN LEATHER with GRAY painted steel hardware (M16 helmet). ANY mixture of chinstraps and hardware can be found on M16 steel helmets. When the new STEEL helmets arrived on the front, they had no chinstraps. The soldiers were instructed to take the chinstraps from their spiked helmet (to save money) and put them on the new steel helmets. It was a frustrating chinstrap design - if you use one you know what a problem it is. We have seen them wired on, post rims peened over, etc. in an attempt to keep them on the helmets. That is why they went to the M18 buckle CS. These ends are large enough to fit any size M16 helmet posts (they varied also in size) and may need sqeezed down ("adjusted" - just as the soldiers did) to stay in place.


    Item No. RPG021

    PINS- (SPLIT), helmet liner retaining, for all WWI Austrian & German Steel helmets. Set of three (two thin for front, one thick for the back), hand made. Will pass for originals. Limited stock - can no longer get these.


    Item No. RPG037

    KOKARDES- SPIKED HELMET - 1-3/4" in original black finish (unpainted), stamped on original dies and of the same light material. We had these made in Germany in the 1980's and are EXACT copies of the originals in every respect, even the finish. This way you can paint your own kokardes.


    Item No. RPG038

    KOKARDES- new made for EM SPIKED HELMET KOKARDES, perfect to complete the spiked helmet. We stock: NATIONAL (R/W/BLK); PRUSSIAN (BLK/W); BAVARIAN (BL/SILVER); SAXON (GR/W); HESSE (W/R/W); WURTTEMBERG (BLK/R); BADEN (R/GLD); BRUNSWICK (BL/GOLD); MECKLEMBURG(BL/GLD/R); ANHALT (GREEN). SEE RPG037 for plain kokardes to paint yourself. Priced each.


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