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    Item No. RPB002

    BUTTONS - Repro AUSTRALIAN, new made blackened wartime: We did a large run of Australian uniforms and these are left over buttons, solid cast: ...(A) LARGE (tunic front){18}; ...(B) SMALL (pocket and epaulet){19}. CHOICE


    Item No. RPB003

    BUTTONS: New made "GS"(general service), made at Waterbury Button Company from same dies used in WWI, gilted (as all were when new). ONLY have 3/4" size in stock (noy many left)


    Item No. RPB005

    BUTTONS: LEATHER - as found on original WWI British officer tunics (which is why we stocked them), JERKINS, new (we bought them surplus about 30 years ago); ...(B) 1/2" diameter domed {22}; ...(C) 5/8" diameter domed (best for Jerkins - have seen them on originals){5}.


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