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    Item No. RPF000

    STUFF - LOTS OF NEAT FRENCH equipment being made by SCOTT MILLER at the "www.FROGSACKs.com" in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have been helping him for a while to get up and running but now it is time to go to him direct. He is the first one since GWM to go to great pains to make some really cool stuff. You will see him at the battles. Let him know you appreciate his work (also as a VETERAN) and his stuff is as accuarate as possible using materials available today and is VERY high quality. PHONE 719-291-6728.

    Item No. RPF003

    PATCH, WWI event "AUGUST 24-25 1991/ WWI FLY-IN/ 151et deLig". One of the few jacket "patches" made for a WWI event, sponsored by the French 151st Regt and was the FIRST ever WWI event with planes. Nice for jacket or hat. Patch is the shape of a 2-litre canteen, in BLUE w/white lettering. If you can remember this great event, you have been in WWI re-enacting too long!! We used to have a patch made for every event.


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